Will Organizational Climate surveys turn up things you do not like?

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Organizational Climate surveys have an uncanny knack of throwing up surprises, some of which make you proud and some may not be to your liking. In fact, a few of the results could be shockers. But, one thing is for sure; whether the pointers are pleasant or not so pleasant, they help you to do better, in terms of margins and market leadership.

That is why; successful companies regularly review their organizational climate.

The Benefits:

An Organizational Climate survey, also referred to as Work Environment Review evaluates various parameters such as leadership at the managerial level, encouragement to creativity, trust and teamwork. It will also assess the effectiveness of policies related to rewards, recognition, compensation and conflict resolution. The many benefits include:

  • You gain a critical insight into employees’ perceptions regarding the overall culture and work environment.
  • You will know whether the human capital is effectively contributing to achieving your growth objectives.
  • You can make better-informed decisions related to new products, new technologies, diversification, expansion, public issue, acquisitions and mergers and similar key initiatives.
  • The analysis helps you redefine current policies and develop new HR tools.
  • Ensure that Learning and Development programs are customized and relevant to needs.
  • Deploy expenditure on employees more efficiently.

Simply put, Organizational Climate Survey has potential to improve innovation, productivity and bottom line performance.

Sensitivity is the catchword:

While it is true that an Organizational Climate Survey can unhide the success formula, there is a crucial condition. The administration of the survey needs to be carried out with high-level professionalism. Considering that the effort is to probe behavioral and attitudinal aspects of the employees, sensitive issues in the best of circumstances, the approach must be delicate, mature and insightful.

Analyzing and identifying key indicators is obviously more critical than conducting the survey itself. We have the right expertise, experience and the advantage of location in carrying out work environment reviews.

How we conduct Organizational Climate surveys:

Based in Dubai, we have that all important geographical advantage. This gives us an in-depth understanding of the market conditions in the UAE, rest of Middle East and North Africa. Then we have extensive experience in working with workforce coming from different parts of the world, understanding their diverse interests and aspirations. This is a powerful combination, a blend of knowledge and experience. Here are a few highlights of our survey techniques.

  • The surveys are conducted by multi-disciplinary teams, which bring experience in behavioral psychology, analysis, designing metrics and analysis.
  • The reviewers work under oversight of experts in production, technology, finance, management and other fields.
  • The interviewers have multi-domain experience.
  • The questionnaire is developed based on non-intrusive techniques to ensure that the respondents are comfortable resulting in objective responses.
  • The analytical reports provide actionable feedback and help in increasing productivity.

In sum, Organizational Climate survey is not just a nice technique anymore. With our expertise, it is your critical and beneficial management tool. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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