Why Employee Engagement is more relevant in the UAE.

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Employee Engagement Services is our favourite. We provide end-to-end HR services in the UAE and have a proven track record in the HR world. Still, this aspect of HR catches our interest for a simple reason. We have seen Employee Engagement delivering direct results. Further, it is a very essential initiative in the UAE, where you are likely to have a large complement of expat workforce.

Two critical questions usually trouble businesses. What factors motivate people to do a good job? How can businesses get the best out of their employees? Employee Engagement offers practical solutions to these challenges. Before seeing how it works, it is useful to understand the initiative per se and the problems.

What exactly is employee engagement?

The first hurdle is that there is no uniform agreement on the meaning of employee engagement. Different HRM practitioners and researchers see it differently. Some surveys say that employees are engaged when they are capable and ready to go the extra mile for their company’s success. Others define engaged employees are those who are enthusiastic and involved with their work.

One thing most agree on is that it is a two-way street; both the employer and the employees are involved in building the relationship. While the responsibility for nurturing the rapport falls on the managers (naturally as the visible representatives of the Company,) they face certain hurdles.

Engaged employee and the challenges:

Today’s business operations are increasingly technology dependant. The knowledge workers who drive business do not respond to the conventional carrot and stick method. They expect autonomy in their work, more voice in decision-making and want stronger emotional connect.

In other words, you need to adopt employee engagement as a business strategy. The Company-wide program should go beyond the traditional concept of job satisfaction or employee commitment. For this, it is essential that each of your managers is trained and involved in the HRM initiative.

Obviously, training the managers and helping them to improve the employee-company relationship calls for professional HR mentoring in which we have extensive experience, particularly in the UAE scenario.

HCMC Employee Engagement Services:

The UAE work culture has its own nuances, given the larger complement of expat workforce. The people come from different countries and backgrounds and with different expectations. Not all of them respond same way to your organisation’s needs.

Our Human Capital Management Company (HCMC) has been providing end-to-end HR outsourcing services for years and understood the unique needs of the businesses in the UAE. In the process, we have gained expertise in creating a positive environment.

Our employee engagement services are comprehensive and here are some of the support activities.

  • Survey and analyse the current level of engagement
  • Identifying the gaps
  • Recommend appropriate strategy
  • Train the line managers,
  • Review and report the progress.

One question that may arise is why the initiative should be outsourced. While it is possible to have an in-house programme, outsourced services bring you the essential expertise and the third party’s objectivity.

We would be happy to share the deep insights into employee-engagement, how it can boost your productivity and reduce operational costs. Let us talk about it. Please contact us.

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