Want more “best people” in your company?


Every Dubai Company wants its Recruitment Agency to recruit the best people. Every Manager wants the best team leaders in her department; and every team leader wants the best people in his team. This scenario is not unique to Dubai; companies the world over want top performers.

While it is impossible to have only top performers, it is possible to achieve two goals. Companies can increase the number of performers and improve efficiency level of each individual employee. Academics and HR Consultants have come up with ways to improve work engagement and creativity.

Improve hiring practices:

Adopt recruitment approach aligned with organizational goals. Define job description precisely and develop the interview process as appropriate to the role. Involve your Dubai Recruitment Company at the earliest feasible stage. A well-planned recruitment strategy helps you to hire not merely the best from the applicants; it will ensure that you attract talent that meets your requirements.

Invest in your people:

The one investment that pays highest ROI is investment on the employees. Identify Skills requirements needed to achieve organizational goals and assess employee capabilities through psychometric tests and similar tools. Mapping the two will help you to define the Learning and Development needs accurately.  Here again, bring your HR Consultancy on board as early as possible.

In addition to formal classroom L&D initiatives, it would be a good idea to assigning new responsibilities to employees. Instead of always allocating important tasks to the “best person,” allow others a chance to do things they have not worked on earlier. The team feels trusted and the results could be surprising.

Healthy workplace:

Over a period of time, personal and official interrelationships are bound to come under stress. Given that it is human nature, people develop certain unwelcome traits. Inter-departmental rivalry, Line Managers playing favorites, some employees socially ostracizing others etc., create needless tension and pull down performance.

It is for the employer to recognize that such unpleasant developments crop up everywhere and prevent them in time. Consider some of these counter measures.

Design group L&D activities as they build team spirit,

Assign cross-functional responsibilities occasionally – a Production Manager meeting channel partners/ customers gets an opportunity to understand market realities better.

Encourage people to manage sports and corporate social responsibility initiatives independently,

Do not shy away from taking disciplinary measures when necessary. Of course, the corrective actions can be effective only when implemented fairly, transparently and quickly.

Lastly, people management is a continuous process, which needs be tweaked as appropriate to the context and individual needs. You are welcome to share your experiences on this article or ask for additional information- just Contact us.

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