UAE relocation services for individuals and families.


You have a new job in the UAE and choose to handle relocation on your own. The reason for opting to manage the shift on your own could be any; may be the mobility assistance was not included in the benefits package or the relocation terms do not cover the family. It could be that the employer offered to foot the bill (partly or entirely) but asked you to the relocate to the UAE on your own. Or, you intend to establish a business in the vibrant UAE economy.

Under all these situations, you need dependable and friendly guide who knows the local nuances and can help you to move into the new environment smoothly. Tackling dozens of tasks like finding residential accommodation, school for kids, learning UAE’s culture requirements and obtaining driving license is time consuming and a tiresome hassle in a new country. Our comprehensive relocation and destination settling-in services customized for individuals manage the pain points and make your shift a pleasant experience.

UAE Relocation services for individuals:

HCMC is a UAE’s reputed mobility and immigration services provider. We regularly work with leading Corporates and help them with bringing over their new hires from different parts of the world to the Emirates. We assist the expats in the shift, ensure that they settle down smoothly, and enjoy working and living in the UAE.

We provide the same set of mobility services to individuals with a small difference. When working with the Corporates, the level of assistance is designed as per the company policies and there is little leeway to make any changes. On the other hand, we personalize the same set of relocation services to suit needs and budgets of the individuals. It is your call and you have the freedom to choose particular services and level of assistance. You will just a little more comfortable. Here is a look-see at the services we provide.

How we help:

UAE Visa and immigration formalities for you/ family include end-to-end assistance with documentation and complying with the formalities,

  • Visa Renewal/ cancellation/ de-registration,
  • Finding suitable accommodation (house, flat, villa),
  • Negotiating with Real Estate agents, property owners, payment of deposits
  • Scrutinizing and registration of tenancy agreement,
  • Inventorying home equipment/ assets,
  • Obtaining utility connections and payment of deposits, taxes,
  • Schools for children including short-listing suitable schools, accompanied meetings with admission heads,
  • Employment for the spouse (we a premier recruitment agency in the UAE)
  • Driving license, vehicle registration,
  • Legal formalities related to authorized translation and authentication of documents such as education certificates, identity documents etc.,

Our guidance helps you with assistance at the Airport, cultural orientation and other similar small but important matters. In sum, our destination and immigration professionals make your stay in the UAE that much happier. Want to know how it works: Just contact us.

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