Things you must do when bidding goodbye to the UAE.


As people who have been managing Relocation Services in Dubai since some years, we come across people rushing in at the last minute. Naturally, they are under tension, only heroes can stay calm moving into or out of a place.  There are dozens of things to settle and all of them have a knack of cropping up only at the last minute.

In case you are relocating out of the UAE, returning home after the assignment or to another country for a new job, plan these activities as soon as possible. You will be saving lot of time, money and legal problems.

UAE Visa cancellation, Emirates ID and passport:

You must cancel visa before leaving the UAE, return the Emirates Id and have passports stamped.  Your company’s immigration agency in Dubai/ other Emirates may organize these matters for you, if your employment contract provides for it. In majority of the cases, you may have to fend for yourself regarding cancelling visa of the dependants.

The process, though not difficult, is time consuming, involving several visits to the authorized typing office, and the General Directorate for Residency and Foreigners Affairs.

Tip: Before you sign the visa cancelation application, ensure that you have received all outstanding payments (gratuity, airfare, commissions etc.,) from the employer.

Lease on rented accommodation:

Closing the lease before the expiry date depends upon the terms of the rent contract you have with the landlord. In most cases, you will need to give 90-day advance notice to the landlord through a notary public or registered post. If the property is in demand and if you have friendly relationship with the landlord it may be possible to break the lease early without having to pay rent for the entire unexpired period. Your negotiation skills will have to play their role.

Tasks related to closing the lease include collecting back the security deposit, carrying out painting and minor repair works if necessary, equipment inventory and handing over the possession to the landlord. Some of the Relocation Companies in the UAE (like ours) offer assistance in managing all these matters, in case you are hard pressed for time.

What more?

Here is a short checklist of things to do:

  • Close the bank account,
  • Close telephone, internet and mobile connections through Du or Etisalat,
  • Close PO Box at Emirates Post,
  • Close the utilities connections with the Water and Electricity Authority and cooling services
  • Obtain Transfer certificates from the school,
  • Plan stuff you would like sell off (e.g. car or some furniture)
  • Finalize a moving agency (make sure it is a trust worthy one) to ship items you would like to take back (artifacts etc.)
  • Organize a temporary accommodation and transport for the last few days
  • Lastly make doubly sure that you have settled all loans and outstanding amounts.

The process of winding up may take anywhere around 15 days; keep enough leave in credit to complete the formalities. The information we have given so far is pretty general in nature; you are welcome to contact our Mobility Services Consulting professionals for specific guidance on bidding a hassle-free goodbye.

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