The shortlist is the hardest to pick from

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You are redefining someone at this final stage of hiring. Writing the magical four-letter word ‘Hired’ on the applicant’s resume means a great change. From an outsider, suddenly the hopeful job seeker becomes an ‘employee.’ You hope for having found a potential asset for the company.

Having gone through some thousand CVs and conducting many rounds of interviews, you have distilled and produced a shortlist. As the HR manager, you are deciding who will be good for your company in the coming 5-10 year horizon. But, that’s where the crunch kicks in. Perhaps, you have to whittle the shortlist of some 20 names down to fill say 10 positions; it’s a classic case of horns and dilemma.

Naturally, each job seekerwho has made it on your shortlist so closely matches others in terms of qualifications, experience, and skills; it is difficult to select the final group.

There’s one pointer endorsed by premier recruitment consultants and industry professionals.

Leaders are better:

The real hot button is leadership. There are some areas in each company, the marketing, production, and development where close interaction between the peers and team play are absolutely essential. Finding solutions is more critical in these fields. Employees who have the eye for locating problems and devise simple solutions are the ones to carry colleagues along. They can contribute significantly to the overall results.

Here are eight possible pointers to spot a leader.

  1. Versatility
  2. Helpful and considerate
  3. Is willing to request assistance/ guidance when needed
  4. Quick grasp
  5. Cooperates with others
  6. Meticulous
  7. Harmonious relationship with supervisors, colleagues, Public
  8. Discretion

Review the interview notes and look for people who have shown willingness and ability to take on more than one role. If it’s an experienced professional, see if she/he was nominated for internal committees and has worked on tasks away from their regular roles. A fresher might have worked on college magazine, as a volunteer during campus recruitment and so on.Tackling different responsibilities is a sure sign of ability to take on leadership role.

We all know how leaders influence peers and spell success. The quality is a good mantra not just in marketing or at managerial level; it could make those small difference in other domains as well.

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