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1. About HCMC: Human Capital Management Consulting (HCMC) is a reputed company offering a wide range of HR services.
2.   Definitions: The following terms mean and include the description described against each of them and variations of genders, numbers, natural and legal persons as the context requires.
  1. US, WE, OUR and HCMC: HCMC, HCMC's owners, directors, business partners, employees, agents, contractors, service providers, suppliers, assignees, successors, heirs and persons/entities authorised by US.
  2. THE SITE: all websites, mobile applications and any other similar internet entities owned, operated and licensed by HCMC.
  3. CONTENT: Text, videos, graphics, images, job vacancy advertisements by employers and recruiting agencies, resumes posted by job seekers and all other advertisements; software and code that operate The Site and databases maintained and hosted on the internet by US.
  4. USER and YOU: job seekers, employers, advertisers, recruiting agencies and any other persons accessing and using THE SITE.
  5. SERVICES means and is limited to providing THE CONTENT, allowing USERs to post CONTENT and search tools and similar facilities to use the CONTENT.
  6. LAWS: Laws, statutes, rules and regulations prevailing in the UAE and/ or the geographical location from where you are accessing The Site such as (1) Laws generally known as cyber laws and/ or Information Technology Acts governing usage of websites, mobile applications and similar material served over the internet and mobile telephony; (2) criminal laws;(3) labour laws particularly child labour laws;(4) Copyright laws (5) Laws governing Intellectual Property Rights (5) any other laws that prohibit harming US or other USERs.
  7. THIRD PARTY LINKS: Websites, mobile sites, apps or any other electronic platforms and entities maintained and operated by legal or natural persons other than HCMC,
3.  About The Site: HCMC owns and operates http://www.hcmc.in/ ("The Site") for the exclusive purpose of informing the USER about the services offered by US. 
4.  Modifications: WE reserve the right to modify THE TERMS from time to time and to treat publication of such modifications on The Site as sufficient notice. The TERMS so revised will have prospective application but will not have effect on any prior legal matters except under court orders. Please visit this page regularly to learn about modifications.
  1. WE reserve the right to modify, alter THE SITE in respect of theme, colours, CONTENT and such aspects without notice.
5. Agreement: YOUR accessing and browsing The Site constitutes a complete and binding agreement with US without limitation or qualification. Please do not use THE SITE if you do not agree with the terms.

6. Age Restriction: YOU may use THE SITE provided YOU are not a minor according to LAWS. Please quit THE SITE immediately if you are a minor.

  1. YOU hereby expressly understand and agree that YOUR use of THE SITE and THE CONTENT is at your own and sole risk and responsibility.
  2. No agency: We are not agents, labour consultants or consultants (express or implied) for any USER. We have not engaged any agents except those specifically listed on THE SITE.
  3. No warranties: The entire CONTENT on The Site along with functionalities is provided purely for information purposes on
  4. No offers: THE CONTENT does not constitute firm offer of employment either by any USER or US.
  5. Not testimonial: Display of job offers and resumes on THE SITE does not constitute any kind of testimonial or endorsement of the concerned advertiser or the jobseeker by US.
  6. Hiring, responding to any advertisements, entering into employment, or making any such transactions with other USERs is at the sole risk and responsibility of the USER doing so.
  7. HCMC is not responsible for errors, omissions, quantity and quality of responses that you may obtain through THE SITE.
  8. HCMC does not guarantee problem-free service through THE SITE and specifically disclaims any responsibility for any interruptions, breakdown of services.
HCMC is not liable in any event for damages of any kind including but not limited to indirect, incidental, loss of profit, direct, special, consequential, punitive or exemplary damages, in contract, strict liability or tort for any or all of the following claims:
  1. Loss and/or interruptions of use, communication or business,
  2. Theft, damage, destruction or unauthorised access to or unauthorised alteration of USER's data of any type and/ or information,
  3. Damage or loss to computer equipment such as servers and peripherals, software, injuries to person or any such harm,
  4. Infringement of copyrights, intellectual property rights, defamation,
  5. Or any other claims,

wherein the above claim(s) are said/alleged to arise out of use of THE SITE. HCMC disclaims liability whether or not the loss/damage has occurred due to negligence, factors beyond OUR reasonable diligence and control, malicious acts such as distributed denial of service attacks, by any person, line failure; technical faults in systems or databases; computer virus; delays and defects in transmission; power failure or any other reason, or according to any liability theory including force majeure, war, civil strife, strikes, operation of any LAWS, government and judicial orders, natural calamities, irrespective of the fact whether the claimant USER or his representatives have been advised of possibility of loss/ damage.

  1. YOU agree that YOU are conversant with safe usage of internet.
  2. You are free to browse the site without registration. However, certain portions of THE SITE may require YOU to register and create passwords. YOU agree to be solely responsible for securing and protecting such passwords and not to allow others to use The Site with the help of such passwords,
  3. YOU shall not use user names and passwords that are offensive or prohibited,
  4. YOU grant HCMC the right to activate YOUR account and or provide paid SERVICES only after due verification.
10.   Lawful Use: You agree to access and use the Site strictly for obtaining information about our SERVICES or availing the SERVICES and for such lawful purposes. You are solely responsible for learning about to any and all laws, statutes, rules and regulations that govern YOUR use of The Site and adhering to them.
  1. Permission to HCMC: When YOU post any CONTENT on THE SITE, YOU automatically grant HCMC the right to store, retrieve, transmit and monitor all or part of such CONTENT or use it for operation of The Site.
  2. YOU are solely responsible for posting the CONTENT on THE SITE, ensuring that it meets the quality standards, policies, rules and regulations set by HCMC for the purpose and further ensuring its correctness in all respects, authenticity, and quality.
  3. While HCMC reserves all rights to monitor any content that is posted on The Site, WE are not under any obligation to do so. WE may at our sole discretion, reject, withhold, edit or delete YOUR CONTENT deemed to violate THE TERMS or LAWS at anytime, wholly or partially and with or without assigning any reasons. While reasonable efforts may be made to give YOU notice in this regard, HCMC will not be liable for any consequences of such rejection, editing, withholding or deletion.
  4. Paid SERVICES are offered on the
  5. CREDIT CARD, DEBIT CARD and ELECTRONIC MONEY TRANSACTIONS: HCMC complies with the UAE Federal Law No. (1) of 2006 On Electronic Commerce and Transactions and laws related to all such electronic transactions. When YOU make payments by credit card, debit card or electronically, YOU do so via a third party payment gateway not controlled by HCMC. YOUR credit card information or passwords are never accessible by HCMC and this provides YOU highest level of security. HCMC will not be liable for any loss or damage sustained on account of such electronic transaction including but not limited to disclosure (inadvertently or otherwise) of any information concerning YOU, YOUR account or such transactions or for errors or inaccuracies or use of such disclosure on account of legal requirements or otherwise.
  6. HCMC is not liable for any free services.
12.   Prohibited Acts:
By accessing the Site, you agree that you will not or encourage others to Use THE SITE:
  1. To carry out any acts that contravene any laws,
  2. Committing any criminal offenses or prompting others to indulge in such conduct that constitute a criminal offense or lead to civil liability;
  3. To post or transmit any CONTENT that is discriminatory, defamatory, libellous, obscene, paedophilic, pornographic, hateful, harmful, or otherwise unlawful or that may threaten or harass any person(s),
  4. Impersonating or misrepresenting YOURSELF to be other persons or entities,
  5. To post, upload or transmit computer viruses, malware, software code, applications or programs that are likely to damage, modify, downgrade or disrupt the functioning of THE SITE or the hardware and or software of any other persons.
  6. To probe, test the vulnerability of THE SITE; interrupt its normal flow of communication in any manner; breach its authentication and security procedures; alter, damage or delete any part of THE SITE; provide deep links to THE SITE, use automated or manual processes to download information from THE SITE,
  7. To transmit spam and bulk e-mails or electronic communication of any nature,
  8. To post or transmit any CONTENT that you do not have a right to under any law or contractual relationship,
  9. To copy, reproduce or redistribute in any form or use for any purposes, commercial or otherwise any CONTENT wholly or partly without our express and written permission,
  10. To remove or misrepresent notices related to trademark, intellectual property or copyrights of any CONTENT,
  11. To claim relationship with or represent any natural or legal persons or entities without their express authorisation in this regard,
  12. To post any CONTENT that infringes upon and/ or violates the copyrights, intellectual property rights of any persons/ entities,
  13. To post or transmit any form of advertising, promotional materials, or other forms of solicitation except as authorised by HCMC in this regard,
  14. To collect or store personal information about others,
  15. To advertise fictitious or non-existent jobs;
  16. To recruit persons on commission basis except when permitted by LAWS and by US,
  17. To solicit donations, endorsements,
  18. Use free services to advertise YOUR organisations, products or services,
13.  Termination of Use: HCMC reserves the right at its sole discretion to terminate, suspend YOUR access to and use of THE SITE without notice or assigning any reasons in case you violate THE TERMS wholly or partly or for any other conduct which WE or authorities deem unlawful or harmful to others. WE may revoke the termination on YOUR representation at our sole discretion. During the period of termination or suspension, YOU are not authorised to access THE SITE further. HCMC reserves the right to use all legal means to enforce such termination or suspension. HCMC will not be liable for any consequences that may arise out of such termination or suspension.

14.  THIRD PARTY LINKS: THE SITE may contain third party links purely for USER convenience. Providing such links is not an endorsement of the related organisations, products, services or information. When YOU click the third party links, YOU are subject to the terms and conditions of their operators.

15.  Copyright: THE SITE and all the CONTENT is the exclusive copyright property of HCMC. Reproducing, using or transmitting the CONTENT wholly or partly except with OUR prior written permission is prohibited.

16.  Indemnity: YOU agree to use THE SITE strictly as per THE TERMS and LAWS and at YOUR sole responsibility. You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold HCMC harmless from any liabilities incurred on account of any breach by YOU of THE TERMS. The indemnity will include but is not limited to reasonable attorneys' fees and costs. YOU further agree to render full cooperation and assistance in defending any such liability. HCMC reserves the right to assume exclusive defence and control of any legal proceedings otherwise subject to indemnification by YOU and at your cost. YOU agree not to settle any matter without OUR prior written consent.

17.  Jurisdiction: Competent courts in Dubai alone will have exclusive jurisdiction relating to any legal matters pertaining to The Site.
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