Is your team proactive, reactive or simply inactive?


Research by HR consultants points to three types of employees. Highly successful companies have proactive employees. Struggling organizations have inactive employees. Businesses with mediocre growth have reactive staff. If by some trick, you can make majority of your team proactive (100% is too idealistic,) you have things made.

Actually, tricks won’t work; but strategic employee engagement initiates do. You can accelerate growth, cut down operational costs and see positive outcomes in that all-important bottomline. Try these five time honored and proven strategies. You will see a significant raise in proactivity level.

Hire right talent:

Identify business goals and define capabilities that can meet these objectives. Brief the recruitment agency on your expectations.

Energize the present team:

It is rightly said, “Stop learning and you will stop growing.” All employees need to upgrade their knowledge and skills regularly. In fact, the C level officers and business owners would be doing themselves and their organization a great favor by consistently honing their knowledge and management techniques. Invest in a Company-wide Learning and Development strategy – it will pay rich dividends.

Encourage initiative:

Is forward thinking an inborn trait or acquired talent? Studies by leading HR consultants bears out that people have latent ability to think out of the box. By creating appropriate environment, organizations can encourage people to think ahead – they will leverage opportunities and control adversities.

Network Knowledge:

The wheel need not be reinvented every time. As the organization tackles different situations, employees find ways to overcome challenges and was to do things better. Promote a culture in which teams share their experiences and knowledge- the results contribute to surprising reduction in costs.

Entrust people:

Talking of surprises, here is another. When we interview people at our Dubai recruitment agency, we hear so many candidates saying they are looking for a “more responsible job.” They don’t merely mean better title and package. The candidates are looking for challenging roles.

During One-on-one meetings, team leaders with an open mind can spot people who are keen to take on demanding assignments. Entrust such eager beavers with significant tasks even if they are “too young” or “may fail.”  After all, most of us have been there and have grown because the organization gave us the opportunity to grow.

These thoughts are based on experiences at HCMC, one of the Best HR Consultancies in Dubai.

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