SWOT those worries away, if you are a “young” manager


Frown instead of smile? A knot of worry instead of a sense of purpose? Some “young” managers may find themselves tackling this kind of speed breaker immediately after a promotion. If you are one of them who have climbed the ladder fast (or suddenly,) it is not unusual to feel a bit worried. HR consultants frequently come across newly elevated leaders in similar situation.

Can I manage the higher responsibilities? Will I mesh with the group of other more experienced managers/ team leads? Can I carry along the yesterday’s colleagues turned today’s “team members” with me? These or similar kind of inconvenient questions seem to pop out nagging at your self-confidence.

You can easily swat such pesky doubts with the good old SWOT. Make a self-assessment using the Strength- Weakness- Opportunity- Threat analysis; you will make surprising discoveries about yourself.


Firstly, being “young” in age is not a handicap; you get time advantage on your side, which is a major strength. Secondly, your Company promoted you after recognizing some of your merits like technical knowledge, communication skills or ability to motivate others. Identify your strengths and hone them further.


It is harder to spot weaknesses (after all, none of us wants to admit any faults.) But, don’t shy away from this task. Without being over critical, check whether you are impulsive, tend to look down upon others, or weak in analytical or communication skills. Identifying the weakness is job half done; make conscious effort to eliminate or at least minimize the drawback.


Achieving the leadership position is only the first step. It gives you an opportunity to make meaningful contribution to the Company’s goals and opens more gates to further career growth. It is the time to put in that bit of extra effort into your work.


A new promotee comes under a microscope. Your team members are watchful and the management expects more out of you. While, there is nothing to be afraid of, you would do yourself a favor by being diplomatic and double-checking your work. Avoid harsh words or being overly aggressive and as already said correct any weaknesses.

Importantly, look for a mentor whom you can consult in tricky situations. In case, you need an “outside friend” reach out to us. As part of the best HR Consultancy in Dubai, our experts will surely be able to give you quite useful tips.

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