SMBs grow faster after outsourcing HR – why?


Decidedly,outsourcing HR has changed into more a strategy for growth for SMBs in Dubai.Why, only small and mid-size businesses, even mature businesses are outsourcing important Human Resource management functions to HR Consultancies and are deriving substantial benefits.

In the today’s fiercely competitive market, HR Management has a new remit.Companies rely upon HR to drive growth by increasing employee engagement. While “employee engagement”is made up of two innocent sounding words, it encompasses the whole gamut of strategy to make your business much bigger.

Why SMBs should outsource HR,how do they benefit and how to hire the best HR Consultancy in Dubai;let us find out.

The need:

HR management has expanded to include many functions ranging from recruitment, on-boarding, payroll, learning and development, employee relations, legal compliance and in the case of SMBs, the responsibilities may extend to transport, estate management and so on. Each of these tasks requires specialized experience and knowledge. While the small business may try to handle all these tasks through one or two HR personnel, results are bound to be below par and on the long run, the business may continue to remain what it is, a small one.

Unlike big business who can play around with lot of money, SMBs have to nurse their financesand think twice when spending each dirham;they cannot afford to hire a full complement of HR professionals.Meanwhile, the large corporations crowd the small businesses out.

Then, how to beat this catch 22 situation?

The solution:

If you analyze closely, you will see that except for employee relations, HR responsibilities are not actually everyday affairs. Payroll is a few days’ work in a month, recruitment takes place occasionally etc. It does not make business sense to spend money on full time specialists to handle these tasks.

You can quite easily outsource hiring to a recruitment agency in Dubai, coopt external legal experts for advice on labor law, employee relocation services provider to relocate employees, invite freelance professionals to drive learning and development programs.

This is a wonderful freedom that offers a basket of benefits.

Advantages of co-opting HR Consultants:

Outsourcing HR functions offers the best of both the worlds, top class expertise and cost efficiency. The list of advantages includes:

  • You can hire the best in each field,
  • Obtain expertise in line with your goals,
  • External agency can analyze your needs objectively without fear or favor,
  • Achieve a high degree of efficiency,
  • Handle all the HR functions on time,
  • Pay only for the services obtained,
  • Let the provider go if results are not bright enough for you,
  • Enjoy cost advantage,

HCMC, The Best Choice:

Now the task that remains is to find the best HR Consultancy in Dubai. Human Capital Management Consultancy (HCMC) is a premier HR Consultancy and Recruitment Agency based in Dubai.Our teams have gained multi-pronged expertise when working in different industrial sectors. To bring you the advantage of dealing with a single source, we provide a complete range of the following HR Services.

  • Recruitment,Executive search,Employee background screening,
  • Employee Relocation Services and Business Relocation Services,
  • Payroll services in line with the UAE Wage Protection System
  • Compensation and benefits – developing structure, benchmarking,
  • Human Performance Improvement,
  • Competency/ Talent Analysis,
  • HR Audit & Compliance,
  • Psychometrics Assessment
  • Design HR Policies &
  • Monitor compliance with the UAE Employment Legislation,
  • HR Metrics & Analytics
  • Organization Excellence Modelling
  • HR Projects & Assignments
  • Rewards Management

We offer flexible options: choose the services as and when you need them and scale the level of service up or down depending upon business needs. You will have a full-fledged and expert HR support. Just click here.

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