Six habits you must avoid if you want to build a successful career

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Whether you’re a job seeker or an employee with some years of experience, you would do yourself a favour if you can avoid these six habits. To say it again, the suggestions apply equally to persons looking for jobs and those working professionals dreaming of salary hikes and promotions. As such, think of these ideas in your context.

Before moving on to the six don’ts, here is one highly useful hint. Just check yourself (and do it honestly;and identify if any of the never-done-habits have crept into your persona. For, acceptance is the first step to corrective action.

Let’s us now list those six unacceptable traits you must avoid.

  1. Don’t ever be late for interviews or meetings. If a colleague or a ‘friend’ says, punctuality doesn’t matter these days, don’t believe him. No manager likes to hire or promote a person who can’t handle appointments.
  2. Don’t allow your resume to go out of date ashiring Managers search only for latest resumes on the job boards or treat it seriously when you mail a bio-data.
  3. Don’t try to pad up your qualifications or hide unfavourable factors in your job application. There are good ways to state weak points and yet ensure that they don’t affect your candidature.
  4. Don’t go to interviews or meetings without proper preparation. For job seeker, interview is that 2-minute lifetime opportunity to get selected. For an employee, meetings are the forum to make meaningful contribution to the Company (and also ‘impress’ the boss.)
  5. Don’t use casual language. While interviews at least for clerical, shop floor jobs may be carried on in a regional language, reasonably good English speaking candidates have better chances. Once in the job, good English can speed your career. It’s easy to learn functional level English. Make an effort.
  6. Don’t rate yourself too high. Considering that workplace requirements are changing very fast, no person can be complacent. You’ve to constantly improve your skills and thought process. It’s worth investing time in personality development.

The first of these six don’ts, being punctual to job interviews and meetings is something you can and have to do on your own. Just adapt the right mindset and you’ll be on time every time. But, to manage the other five factors, you may need professional assistance. Here is how HCMC can help.

Guidance for job seekers and career growth:

HCMC has a team of experienced guides. The professionals are successful HR practitioners and they know both sides of the story; that is they know what the Companies and jobseekers/ employees look for. With such expertise we can:

  • Draft a polished resume,
  • Coach you for interviews,
  • Help you with Communication expertise,
  • Advice you on new jobs and careers and so on.

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