It is time again for salary survey in the UAE.


Salary surveys are engaging attention of Human Resource Management professionals and job consultants in Dubai and across the Emirates. Businesses want to fill new positions in an effort to tap the potential created by surge in tourism, healthcare, education, and services and. But, they are facing the familiar problem; shortage of people with particular skills and experience they want to hire.

Three difficulties:

Employers have sent in requirements for people with anyone of over 50 skills to our Recruitment Agency in Abu Dhabi and the scenario is similar across the MENA region. The issue is acute regarding certain   hard-to-find skill sets such as sales, online marketing, software developers, accounting professionals etc.

Majority of the job consultants in Dubai say that they receive hundreds of applications” but it is difficult to find industry-ready candidates.

Retaining good performers has become a greater concern, even after taking measures to increase workplace satisfaction say the employers to whom we spoke recently.

In sum, the three difficulties are

  • Finding people with required skills
  • Work-ready candidates,
  • Retaining talented employees

According to majority of the HR consultant companies and corroborated by various employee job satisfaction surveys and the UAE salary guides 2017, the major reason for the issue in finding and retaining the right people is raising salaries.

Then the question is what would be the right salary you need to pay to acquire and retain top talent.

Pay scale salary survey strategy:

A salary survey must help you to establish a strategic compensation structure for employees at different levels. Our purpose-designed survey achieves this goal and ensures that you will be able to discover and retain performers at meaningful costs. Going beyond providing basic specific rates for specific jobs, salary survey analysts at our Dubai based HR consultancy develop a comprehensive framework. The methodology works like this.

  • Objectives: In consultation with your Human Resource Management team, we gather your immediate and long-term goals and analyze essential skills that would drive productivity towards these goals.
  • Key jobs: Based on the essential skills, the salary survey then identifies key jobs in your company.
  • Job evaluation: The third and delicate task is to evaluate a job’s worth relative to another job. The process defines each key job in terms of complexity of duties, level of responsibility and the required qualifications and experience.
  • Preliminary pay scales: Our HR Solutions consultants review the job evaluation and key job parameters against inputs from earlier job satisfaction and customer satisfaction surveys if available. While the two surveys are strongly recommended, we would leave it as optional depending on budget and time constraints. The internal review analysis leads to preliminary benchmarking of salaries for key jobs.
  • Benchmarking pay scales: The results are validated against salary ranges prevailing for similar key jobs in your sector, other sectors as well as competitor organizations.

The final report provides an effective pay scale framework for all jobs in your organization. The survey report helps in enhancing employee satisfaction, the key to attract and retain performers. You are welcome to reach us for further information.

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