Rethinking Employee Satisfaction Surveys for the UAE companies.


Questions about job satisfaction surveys are back on the table for the UAE businesses. Consider two news items both from the Khaleej Times but from spread about 8 years apart. In 2009, the paper reported “UAE Leads in Employee Motivation, Shows Survey.”  A January 2017 survey says, “Most UAE residents feel it’s time for a job change.” Human Resource Management professionals are also sensing a kind of disquiet in the workforce.

What is causing this mood shift?

The scenario is not surprising according to HR consultant companies. With the UAE economy finding a fresh traction, hiring has picked up and experienced professionals find new options before them. Changes in the UAE employment law have made it easy for employees to switch jobs (to learn about the related rules, please check with one of our Human resource management service providers.) The situation is leading to good performers leaving for better paying jobs. Job consultants in Dubai and other Emirates are finding it difficult to recruit professionals and workers with the required skills.

HR consultancy companies had been cautioning of the looming troubles. However, lulled into complacency by the lean period between 2013 and 2015, many of the UAE companies cut back on employee job satisfaction surveys. Only some of the savvy employers continued to invest in their human capital and they are now able to control employee turnover rates.

Productivity and employee satisfaction survey:

Employee engagement is the key to increasing productivity and fighting off competition. Low motivation of one section of the employees has an uncanny knack of creeping across the organization. The after-effects can affect managers too as they begin to feel rather helpless. Improving employee engagement through enhancing workplace satisfaction is possible only through organization-wide initiatives. Employee satisfaction survey is the first step to identify the problems and remedy them by designing effective HR solutions.

If strategically acted upon, the HR solutions offer 10 significant benefits:

  • Majority of the employees will do that extra bit for the organization,
  • Drives innovation,
  • Employees will be Change ready and quick to adopt new techniques and technologies,
  • Costs will decrease
  • Productivity Increases noticeably,
  • Improves corporate image
  • Minimizes disputes
  • Easier to attract and retain real performers,
  • Helps to counter competition,
  • Improves customer satisfaction,

To achieve the benefits, it is essential to administer the survey strategically.

HCMC HRM specialists:

Measuring how happy staff are appears to be a simple exercise but it requires considerable experience and thought. Here is an outline of the employee satisfaction survey process we adopt.

  • The questionnaire is customized for your sector, location and composition of workforce,
  • To overcome inhibited or opinionated responses, the survey is administered thoughtfully,
  • Collected data is analyzed using recognized statistical tools,
  • Results are validated against the UAE and global experience
  • Results are reviewed in the light of pay scale salary survey and customer satisfaction survey (if available)

Our HR consultants present the final report with precise insights. The actionable recommendations help you to enhance employee engagement. We would be happy to provide a free preliminary feasibility study: contact us.

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