Recruiting for tomorrow’s skills


Employers and Recruitment agencies in Dubai are grappling with a new challenge. They have to look for resources with skills that will stay relevant in the future. The tricky part is- the future is not far off and the employers need manpower consultancy service providers who can recruit future-ready employees for their UAE operations.

Skills for tomorrow:
Technology is changing the way work is done and the changes are happening at a dizzying space. Big Data is influencing in-store consumer behavior and experience. This means that if you are in retail, your merchandisers have to capable of interpreting the data and respond appropriately. 3D printing technology is transforming medical equipment and prostheses. Your today’s doctors and caregivers should be capable of using tomorrow’s new healthcare solutions.
If the recruitment agency finds you people with skills just to meet current needs alone, you will be saddled with an outdated workforce. Gradually, it will become extremely difficult to achieve growth objectives in intensely competitive Dubai/UAE.

Risk of not being prepared:
Choosing one of the routine job placement agencies in Dubai, which you think is best will not serve any more. It may be possible to hire good candidates but the crucial question is whether they perform in changed circumstances of the future. You would be willing to invest in Learning and Development but are the employees capable of absorbing the training and adapt innovations you will be bringing into business? If they don’t, you can’t keep sacking people and keep hiring new ones. It would be too disruptive for business.
The implication is clear: you need a tech-savvy Recruitment Consultant who can discover people who are capable of continuously upgrading their skills and drive your growth in UAE.

HCMC, the future-ready HR Consultancy, UAE:
Human Capital Management Consultancy (HCMC) is geared up and ever ready for the future. As premier manpower consultancy service providers in Dubai, UAE, we adopt unique hiring methodology. Our Recruitment Consultants adopt comprehensive metrics-driven analytics to evaluate your current and long-term business needs and personalize the recruitment process. This helps you to acquire top talent that performs over the years. Automatically, the results are exceptional; high level of continued employee engagement; enhanced productivity; and improved profitability. To learn how our HR Consultancy can help you to assist future-ready talent in the UAE, just get in touch with us.

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