Is your psychometric assessment really improving recruitment?

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Refining psychometric tools for recruitment is a continuous process at our HR Consultancy in the UAE. There are two reasons why we keep developing new and customised psychometric tests. As a leading Manpower consultancy service provider in Dubai, UAE, we interview a number people and find that, nowadays, candidates are much smarter. Many of them have practiced and are ready for routine off-the-shelf psychometric tests that some of the job placement agencies use in Dubai.

The second reason:

Actually, we enjoy candidates trying to game the interview process. That’s part of challenges a Recruitment Consultant faces. And, that the candidates have put in extra effort shows that they are keen on job in Dubai.

The second rationale for developing different psychometric tools is more important. Each job is different and needs specific skills, knowledge and aptitude. One standard ready-made test will not tell whether the candidate possesses the required skills. A panel of professional experts develop customised psychometric questionnaires and tests for our HR Consultancy in the UAE. This helps us to match the candidate and the role very closely and deliver a distinct improvement in performance and over all organisational excellence.

Built for business needs:

Only around 20% of the job placement agencies in Dubai adopt psychometric assessment according to a survey. They feel that the ‘fancy’ process does not work always. They are right to an extent; the tests will deliver desired results only when administered professionally.

The assessment should be designed around your business needs, for which precise measures of job performance must be established. If you already have job performance measures in place, our recruitment consultants use them; otherwise, we develop accurate metrics. The metrics form the basis of the assessment, meaning the focus is on what is to be predicted than on the predictors. The method ensures accurate statistical correlation and the tests and improves hiring quality.

Comprehensive Recruitment process:

Psychometric recruitment assessment is only one of the tools we employ. Our recruitment agency has developed a comprehensive selection process customised for hospitality, retail, ecommerce, oil and gas, finance, education and other industries in the UAE.  With a well-established presence in Dubai and extensive network across the UAE and business capitals of the world, we source the best talent for you. To learn more about recruitments we manage for various sectors, contact us.

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