Is it necessary to customize HR Audit for SMEs in the UAE?


The key principles of Human Resource Management hold good universally; but as experience shows, actual practices should be tuned to match individual needs. Suppose you are a company in Dubai, employee satisfaction survey has necessarily to be customized in line with the UAE Employment laws. Further, you would compare results against the UAE benchmarks than say Australia.

On similar lines, the HR solutions that the HR audit leads to should match your needs. Suppose you are a SME in one of the UAE freezones and undertake a pay scale salary survey as a part of tracking employee turnover. HR Audit specifically designed for SMEs in the UAE alone can show whether the survey methodology was appropriate and whether it would deliver workable solutions.

Real world experience:

Our extensive HR consultancy practice has shown time and again that customized HR audit alone will be meaningful for the UAE SMEs. We have developed a system for adapting the audit process for SME organizations in the region (a reason why we are counted among the best HR Consultancies in Dubai.) Let us give three illustrations.

  • Recruitment practices: You will be hiring the nationals as well as foreigners. Accordingly, it is necessary for you to evaluate recruiting practices adopted by your recruitment agency. We have systematized HR audit to analyze whether the recruitment methodology is geared to hire internationally as well as This helps you to hire the best of the job consultants in Dubai.
  • Workforce diversity: The UAE businesses are unique in employing people from different parts of the world. Our employee job satisfaction survey is fine-tuned to capture the aspirations of such culturally diverse human resources.
  • Modulating the Audit scope: Given the budgetary constraints, it may be difficult for a SME to undertake a full-fledged HR audit in one go. To resolve this challenge, our consultants would review the current situation along with you and limit the scope to audit the areas of immediate concern.

Our HR audit is designed to assist SMEs to enhance their human resource management practices.

HCMC HR Consultancy:

We offer four special purpose categories of HR audit, each with a specific scope and budget and customized for the UAE SMEs.

  • Strategic audit provides answers to questions such as (1) Is current human resources management equipped to achieve organizational goals (2) Do the HR policies promote  workplace satisfaction (3) Are the skill development programs delivering relevant outcomes when measured against benchmarks and so on.
  • Compliance audit assesses how compliant your company is with the UAE laws relating to employment, Emiratisation environment, freezone law etc.
  • Best Practices audits evaluate Change readiness, Performance improvement initiatives, transparency, learning and development programs and similar areas of HRM practice.
  • Function specific audit address challenges such as compensation vis-à-vis the UAE salary guide 2017 (and the coming years,) security, WPS operations, and other functions.

We focus on developing individualized process in line with client’s organizational goals is the significant aspect of our services. This feature helps to be one of the leading HR consultant companies in Dubai. We engage in three different ways: a one-day workshop session, joint audit with your HR Managers or independent audit. We will be happy to provide a preliminary consultation (free) – contact us.

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