Leveraging social media for HR Management in the UAE.

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For a HR Consultancy in the UAE, social networks have special meaning, their own “HR power,” a tremendous potential for transforming human resources into human capital. What is that additional specialty for the HR agencies in the region? Suppose you are a Manpower consultancy service provider in Dubai, UAE. You would be scanning the globe for niche talent or for bulk hiring. There can be no faster and cost-effective means than social media to tap the global talent pool.

Not just in terms of the ease of use, social networks help you to focus on the target groups, a critical requirement a for a Recruitment Consultant. To make the real energy of the social media to work for you, it is essential to adopt the right strategy. Here are a few additional pointers in this direction.

The UAE Recruitment agencies need to address a global audience:

Social media has turned into a perfect recruiting tool. Recruitment Consultants rely upon the technology to tap into a wider talent pool, cut time to hire and reduce costs. The global companies operating in the UAE expect their recruitment agency to hire people from all over the world. The prospective employees come from diverse backgrounds, different cultures and most importantly, they think differently. The hiring pitch needs to be customized broadly to address a global audience. Choosing the right medium

Would you always go with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc., just because they are more familiar? There is no doubt that these platforms are indeed effective catchment areas. But, if you are a HR Consultancy hiring senior professionals or niche talent for the UAE, you could think of Professional networks devoted to engineers, chartered accountants etc. These profession-specific platforms are less thought of but are highly helpful in targeting the people with the qualifications you need.

Another effective option is community forums organized by consultancies (like this forum you are visiting now) are exceptional platforms, simply because they attract people serious about career, knowledge and self-development. When hiring manpower on large scale for Dubai, UAE, a Manpower consultancy service provider is sure to accomplish the results much faster and at less cost through the community forums.

The third option is of course a community forum operated on your company’s website. Nurture and carefully build up a group of people interested in your domain. When the need arises, the community would be useful for spreading the message that you are hiring; they may even and send in references.

And of course, recruitment consultants need to adopt a multi-pronged approach. Social media plus traditional approaches like job sites, job fairs, campus hiring or selective advertising would be the ideal strategy.

HR Initiatives through Social Media:

Professional run HR Consultancies in the UAE go beyond recruitment. Their portfolio extends to reinforcing image of the client company as a preferred employer, as a valuable member of the local community, organizing CRM initiatives and piloting Learning and Development.

Social media has transformed management of these HR initiatives. You can engage with the target audience forcefully to build company’s image. Knowledge banks and virtual training programs available via social networks have proven to be a valuable, quick and cost effective method for enhancing skills and knowledge of your employees.

Safe use of social media by employees:

Recruitment agencies have a crucial responsibility in the UAE. The region has a time-honored cultural heritage in which religion has a highly respected place in all spheres of life. The traditions and rules related to public behavior are enforced rather rigorously. The strictness extends to activity on the net.

People whom you have helped to find jobs here may not understand the region’s beliefs. You could think of educating the new comers to the region on responsible usage of social media. Such client benefit initiative would mark you out as a professional recruitments consultant.

Developing the right strategy:

As said, social networks have their own “HR power”, an extremely potent tool. While influential presence on the media can deliver positive results, it can deliver severe damage if mishandled. This aspect makes social media management a continuous and thoughtful exercise. At Human Capital Management Consultancy (HCMC), we have a dedicated team of professionals who specialize in leveraging social media for your HR objectives. We would be happy to share our experience. Contact us.

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