Are you an intelligent leader or an emotionally intelligent leader?

intelligent leader or an emotionally intelligent leader

One section of HR Consultants and recruitment consultants firmly believe that emotional intelligence is quite essential if you want to succeed as a leader. The Time Magazine linked Emotional IQ even to how much you are likely to earn.

There is another view about emotional intelligence; John D Mayer, a renowned psychologist would tell you “EI is certainly not the best predictor of success in life.” Having said that, Dr. Mayer goes on to say that, people with high EI score better in building successful relationships at work and enjoy rewarding equation with friends.

So, what exactly is EI and how much does it matter if you want to be a successful leader?

Emotional intelligence means:

EI is the capacity to identify emotions, your own as well as those of others and influence the emotions. With that brief description on hand, it is easy to see how EI helps in analyzing problems, encouraging people to find solutions and thereby bring out positive outcomes.

That’s the readymade recipe for success. Recruitment Agencies in the UAE and the world over strive to find managers with high emotional intelligence and top companies pay top dollar for such managers.

Improve your Emotional intelligence:

Is it possible to increase Emotional Intelligence? In answer to this question, one thing can be said with certainty; EI is not a natural gift. The next part of logic automatically follows- all of us can improve our emotional intelligence, by adapting these seven techniques.

  1. Identify positive and negative emotions in you and in others with whom you interact.
  2. Find out what triggers each type of emotion.
  3. Endeavor to bring situations, which initiate positive emotions.
  4. Control triggers that set-off negative emotions.
  5. Develop your ability to stay cool when dealing with stress. (Think cricket’s Dhoni or Federer, the tennis chap.)
  6. Be proactive particularly with people who are habitually stubborn.
  7. Don’t allow failures to bog you down- learn from the experience and find solutions that are more effective.

By now, you would have seen that EI is not some exotic art or gift and that it is something everyone has. It is only that the successful leaders have consciously developed their ability to a high standard.

Of course, a little bit of training in the initial stages would help. As one of the best HR Consultancies in Dubai, we offer mentoring programs that assist young leaders to improve their EI level. You are welcome to contacts us.

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