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HR Leaders have a curious choice. They can play a support role or lead key strategies for their business. In many organisations, Human Resources Management is given importance but remains an auxiliary “department.” In a quite a number of other businesses, HR is a valued contributor, a key participant in decision-making.
Unsurprisingly, companies in the second category, (where HR has a leadership role,) show accelerated growth. These companies have a differentiator that strikes the eye: their human capital, which is doing that little extra bit. HR’s contribution to the overall talent strategy and employee engagement is highly visible in these success stories.
Then why:
Then what is the reason for HR not getting their rightful role? It is not because they like stay in the comfort zone and are satisfied with the secondary responsibility. May be in some cases, the HR enjoys being limited to routine admin tasks, but that fortunately is a minority and happens in stagnating or businesses.
The reason simply is that a proper business case for the Talent Management has not been made.
How can it be changed?
HR must seek and gain an active participation in the scheme of things. One thing needs to be avoided before attempting the big change, is to realise that it is not about any ego issues. Leadership is simply their professional responsibility and an opportunity to deploy their true capability.
Here are six steps that HR could take for their transformation journey.

  1. Study the business needs of the organisation for 3 to 5 year horizon. (Include a broader industry wide perspective.)
  2. Undertake an in-depth HR Metrics and Analytics exercise and evaluate whether your current HR Practices are aligned to the business needs.
  3. Identify the HR Practices that are real contributors to performance improvement.
  4. Refine and improve such HR practices.
  5. Adopt innovations and global best practices.
  6. Present evidence based budget in terms of ROI that the transformation would deliver.
  7. Do not hesitate to call professional expertise for designing a Talent Management strategy.

The final report should powerfully demonstrate how Talent Management would accelerate growth. That will be the decisive factor.

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