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Here are a few interesting experiences from one of the top recruitment agencies in Dubai.The experiences naturally relate tohiring internationally and more so about Executive Searchas well as headhunting.

First, the macro view of the Dubai employmentscenario.Given the positive signals coming out of the UAE economy, majority of the forecasts agree that hiring will see a definite uptrend. In the near term, employers are looking especially for Senior Executives and staff with niche skills. Recruitingfor thesetwo talent categoriesfrom overseas presents unique set of hassles.

International Recruiting Process and Problems:

It is imperative to get it right first time when hiring an expat. That applies to both you the employee. As an employer, you invest more time, money and effort in the recruitment process. The expat employees take a greater risk in leaving their job and moving into unfamiliar surroundings. If things do not work out as both the parties expect, it is a waste of a great deal of money and time and there is unavoidable heartburn.

Secondly, job vacancies in Dubai are like magnets. They attract a flood of applications but after laboriously sifting through them, you may still not find appropriately qualified candidates.

Here is where weatHCMC play a crucial role.

HCMC, yourown UAERecruitment consultant:

Worldwide network and extensive experience in targeted recruitment have made us one of the top recruitment agencies in Dubai. We invest considerable thought, time and money in researching employment trends, building up databases of professionals and developing the perfect service delivery system.

Our hiring professionals specialize in end-to-end recruitment process.

Job Description: We gather your requirements and customize a meticulous job description. The idea is to attract candidates whose qualifications meet your specific needs.

E-recruitment: Objective assessment of applicants’ capabilities and credentials is the only way to ensure that the Executive performs to your expectations. And to be meaningful, the evaluation must done fast. The sophisticated E-recruitment tools ensure we use achieve both the objectives and provide you with a short-list of the right prospective candidates.

Preliminary Interviews: You can have video conferencing / telephonic interview with the A-list applicants and narrow down the choice further. After this round, depending on your brief, the overseas candidates can be invited to the UAE or our global associates can meet them in their locationsfor face-to-face interview or you can meet the candidate in-person if available locally.

Background check: We have facilities to conduct discreet and yet in-depth background check locally at the prospective employee’s location. This gives you the peace of mind as to the dependability and credentials of the new hire.

Benchmarking salaries: Speaking plainly, the salary and compensation are the crux of employment. It is not prudent to pay too much and not wise to pay less! HCMC benchmarking services take out the mystery and advise you as to the optimum salary structure for various jobs in Dubai. The salary tracking services bring you yet another benefit.  It will be possible for you offer cost-effective mobility services for the new hires.

In sum, whether you are hiring staff for sales jobs in Dubai or logistics jobs in Abu Dhabi, or scouting for senior executives HCMC is positioned to give you the best options.

You could reach us at HCMC.

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