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This may come as a surprise for at least some of the job seekers. The starting point for getting ready for a new job is your present job. If you are not fully convinced, ask yourself why you are considering a job change in the first place. To make it easy for you, here is brief reviewof well-knownreasons for switching jobs and why you must resolve them if you are looking for serious and meaningful success. And, one thing to note is that both the reasons and solutions are interlinked with each other.

Issues at workplace are the very common prompts for change of job. These are given various names, but all boil down to one finally and include interpersonal relationship with immediate or next supervisor, difficulty in achieving targets, being overlooked for increments, promotions or assignments. Examine (and honestly) whether you are the cause of these issues. Make efforts to improve your relationship with the Manager. If you are not getting the same hike as the next chap, check whether your work is lagging behind.

Better Salary, the Real Reason:

The real reason for job change is obviously, the salary. All most all employers and only a few employees are willing to say this clearly but let us admit; we all work for our earnings and do deserve what we are worth. At an individual level, one needn’t have any inhibitions about trying to earn more. Here is where you have to be smart and realistically estimate what your salary could be. It depends not only on your qualifications and experience but also on one important macro level factor. This relates to the prospects of the industry you are in both domestically and globally. Your location preferences, skill set, willingness to take on additional responsibilities also play a key role in deciding your income potential. Usually, drawing up an effective blueprint for job change is time consuming.

Customised Solution:

You need a true friend and a counsellor. In other words, a personal coach who can objectively analyse your workplace issues, assess your capabilities, estimate your industry’s potential and give a solution tailor-made for you alone.

Since you cannot openly share or discuss some of the work related issues or weaknesses with friends or relatives, a third-party professional is your best bet. It will be easy for you to bring up inner thoughts without inhibitions. More importantly, the professional will look at the prospects from a larger perspective; give an all-India view-point and help you to locate a valuable career in place of a job.

We at HCMC believe in personalised approach to employees and offer niche services. Our professionals can engage with you on one-to-one basis and assist you right from evaluating your current situation, professionalising CV and over letter and suggest possible job offers from time to time.

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