How to build an effective HR Policy?

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HR policy is the valuable road map for building a successful business. A well-defined policy goes beyond hiring and nurturing key human resources as it plays a significant role in increasing productivity. And, when the time comes as it inevitably does in a few cases, the policy is essential to bid a smooth goodbye to the troublesome employee. Without legal and other hassles that is.Given such importance, it is easy to see that every organisation needs a HR policy.

Even a quick study will show that all successful organisations across the globe, be it businesses, corporate houses, government bodies or NGOs derive their main strength from a robust HR code. Though well-known, it’s interesting to recap thebenefitsof a Human Resource Policy.

Benefits from HR Policy:

Here is brief review of how your business can accelerate growth thorough a well-defined HR Policy.

  • Identifies talent requirement in line with organisation’s goals,
  • Defines human resource requirements based on roles and functions,
  • Discovers and brings the right people on board for the right job,
  • Increases talent levels through training and development
  • Nurtures employee satisfaction via transparent relationship and timely programmes,
  • Balances compensation levels keeping in mind that both profitability and employee satisfaction are crucial,
  • Maintains day-to-day administration including compliance with labour laws,
  • Cares for Company assets, infrastructure and employee transport.

In industries with labour force, defining and leading the bargaining process would naturally be the most important function of HR policy.Actually the list can go on to cover a few more functions because each businessoperates in a different set of circumstances. Meaning each organisation has to develop a specific framework to win in its domain, competition, geography and so on.

Drawing up an individual set of human resource policy can be and it is a delicate task needing skill and experience backed by an Industries Expertise.While large MNCs can invest money and energy in the exercise, it would be easier for small and medium enterprises to call in outside experts. Here is where HCMC can be of help.

SME Expertise:

With an International and local presence, HCMC brings SMEs a HR insight comparable to the best in the industry. Here are the success factors we can bring:

  • Practicing professionals in human resources development work with your HR team
  • Identify the most closely needed domain specific requirements,
  • Help you to draft the HR policy customised for your business,
  • Liaise with your HR personnel in the initial stages of policy implementation,
  • Ensure that the solutions are cost effective and efficient.

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