How niche, personalised recruitment services work for SMEs

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SMEs need productive employees more than big Companies. And, as an SME you cannot afford a bad hire and recurring costs in recruitment. More so, if your industry requires employees with particular skills or experience.

Who can locate you the right employee for you at a lower cost? Obviously, a large Recruiting Services Provider but one who operates at micro level alone can meet your expectations. Here, a large recruiting firm does not mean actual size or brand name (and costs of course).The solution is personalised service.

How to Customise Recruitment:

Custom approach actually means close understanding your business, goals and budgets. However, given that time is always in short supply, evaluating your business needs should be completed quickly and recruitment process put on fast-track.

This calls for wide experience, perspective and quick action. In other words, the Recruiting Services Provider must be as savvy about your business as yourself. And, as committed to your goals. Here is where, we can be assistance.

The Right Recruiting Services Provider:

Human Capital Management Consultancy (HCMC) is a niche Company in more ways than one. We have experience in all-round HR Services, work with a wide range of industries and have Global network of professionals. Our ready insight enables us to understand your requirements and brief quickly. During this process, one or a team of professionals are assigned to your project on a dedicated basis.

At the next step, the dedicated team initiates the search for resources in different regionsthrough our network. Evaluating the applicant’s profiles, matching with your requirements and providing you a short-list of prospective candidates is all handled by this one team.

As the dedicated recruitment team works personally with both you and each candidate throughout the cycle, it is as good as having an in-house HR team but one, which operates at international level. As said, because our network is spread nation-wide, we scout for the best talent over a wide area while keeping the costs under control.

This is a niche service one, which is customised for SMEs. To learn more about how you can hire the right employees, get in touch us now.

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