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(HCMC) : Corporate Relocation / Mobility Service

Global Mobility Services and the last mile connectivity.

Corporate Relocation Services are literally the last mile connectivity in hiring the international staff. At Human Capital Management Consultancy (HCMC), Getting your new international hires (and their families) to smile on their first day in UAE does make a world of difference. To them as well as you.  The employee who settles smoothly into a new world, free of all hassles right from the air-port to housing or moving personal goods will be that happy person who does a bit better at the job. And, that’s exactly what thoughtful relocation management does; gets you committed staff.

GMS defines their life in the UAE:

Global Mobility Services (GMS) are a lot more than what moving companies do. While moving companies simple transport goods, GMS helps to move both people and their personal belongings.  This means that International relocation services have to manage travel, hospitality, legal formalities and strategic logistics. And, most importantly, keep the costs down. What are the things that a good mobility company helps you with?

Home country to the UAE:

Generally, you will have to provide the new employees with comparably similar life style they are used to in their home country. So, the starting point for corporate relocation services is to get a valuation of the employee’s lifestyle level (their home country may be thousands of miles across the world.) The end point of course is to settle them down smoothly into the UAE life. Here are some of the in-between tasks involved in global relocation.

Estimate the cost of relocation for persons and goods

Accurate documentation and obtaining permissions from the required Government Authority.

  • Moving personal goods from the home country to the UAE
  • Temporary storage facilities
  • Transit housing
  • Temporary car (with fuel and Salik allowance)
  • Organizing orientation Trips
  • Helping with Tenancy and Property Management, buying/renting car, club membership
  • Career Assistance for the spouse
  • Helping with children’s school admission

The task list shows how much running around, expertise in legal formalities and interpersonal skills are needed. Managing end-to-end global employee mobility in-house could annoy you more than it is worth (and certainly will cost more.) The best option would be outsourcing to professional global mobility services providers.

Human Capital Management Consultancy (HCMC):

We are in Dubai and we are almost everywhere across the world. It is easy for us to evaluate lifestyle and provide you cost-estimates of relocation wherever the employee is currently located. And, being in Dubai, we are thoroughly familiar with the legal formalities, logistics and so on. That’s why HCMC has been the preferred choice in Corporate Moving Services. To put it simply, we provide that crucial last mile connectivity.

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