Are you getting the best out of senior staff?

Are you getting the best out of senior staff?

One of the factors we like in our life as manpower consultancy in Dubai, is the diversity of talent in the UAE.On any day here, you can hear half-a-dozen languages, see dozen different types of cuisine, and people from so many different regions joined in one pursuit:work hard, grow wealthy and live life to the fullest. The UAE is a vibrant dream come true for a HR Consultant.

But sometimes, we get to wonder.Surprising things we see when working for new clients first time.

We see teams instead of pulling together, the team members are pulling down each other! The situation is noticeable only after running an in-depth Competency or Talent Analysis or Psychometric Testing.Diversity in talent that should be a major strength is applying skids under motivation levels.While some people may say that internal bickering is inevitable when living beings (animals or human, it doesn’t matter,)gather, as HR professionals, we believe it must be curbed and minimized.

Try to try out these ideas.You’re sure to see a wonderful change in your team and on the long run, you’ll achieve organizational excellence.

Losing value of experience:

We call ageism as losing value from your investment. According to the World Health Organization,ageism is discriminating against older people. But, think again. You have spent money in recruiting and training them some years back. They have gained valuable insight into your business requirements and most of the time they achieve results in a jiffy, while the youngsters huff and puff. If you sideline employees near retirement age now, all the money and effort you’ve invested on them will be lost. And, chances are, a competitor may happily whisk them away.

You can devise motivation methods to make the experienced employees contribute extra.  Ask our Dubai HR Consultants, they can develop Human Performance Improvement strategyfocused on senior staff.

Consider superannuated professionals:

It may sound as a wild idea, but think about it. For handling accounts, warehouse management, forecasting production costs and similar jobs, people who have retired or about to retire may be your best bet. The senior professionals help the team to acquire a degree of maturity. Some of the best recruitment agencies in Dubai usually carry a short list of experienced and talented job seekers who can hit the ground running from day 1.

Of course, you must look ahead and plan for the future and keep hiring young talent. It all boils down to systematic and strategic recruiting. Our manpower consultancy in Abu Dhabi and Dubai can help you to recruit the right persons. You are welcome to contact us now.

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