Get rid of that bad colleague.


At our Dubai office, recruiters frequently come across one reason why the job applicant wants to change her or his job. You might guess the answer easily enough – one or two “bad colleagues” or the “bad” boss is making life at the office miserable.  Before going ahead with finding an alternate job, our Professional Recruiters make a little extra effort and have a talk with the applicant on “how to deal with grumpy colleagues?” We thought it is worth sharing a gist of such discussions.

It is same everywhere:

Wherever and whenever living beings get together, there is bound to be competition and tension. Cleverer than animals and birds, we, the humans are capable of hurting each other more. And, workplace is the choice place for the bully, the Thursday boss or other kind of “bad” colleague to show off their cleverness. Once you realize that “office politics” is a common a fact of life, you will also recognize that there is no point in trying to escape it. The best way is to stand up and resolve the conflict where you are.

Thursday Boss:

Another character, we hear about during interviews at our Dubai recruitment agency office, is the “Thursday boss.” Some managers seem to take delight in dumping work (important or not) on their colleagues just before the Friday weekend. If you too are saddled with this kind of “Thursday boss,” try this. Early in the Thursday morning, ask if there is something that needs to be done urgently that day. Convey that you would you like to finish any urgent before the evening as you have a family outing planned for the weekend. Unless the Manager is a deliberate spoilsport, he would feel guilty of loading you with last minute work.

This colleague is different:

Some people habitually oppose any and every idea. During team meetings, first discuss the minor aspects of your idea and let the habitual againster have her say. You will get to know the argument of the person, which you can counter effectively when putting forward you main idea. However, always make it a point to listen carefully to opposing views; sometimes, you may really learn a valuable viewpoint/ insight that you might have missed.

Once you are determined to deal firmly but in a mature manner, you will find ways to overcome the so called “bad colleague.”  Have something to say about your own experience? Contact us to share it with HCMC community members.

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