Five bad habits of a bad boss.


Our HR consultants have listed five bad habits of bad bosses.  Hopefully, you won’t need the list, but there is no harm in checking it out. The reason is simple; no one would tell you if you are a bad boss, until things go horribly wrong. But, given that tell tale signs keep popping up all the time, you would do yourself a favor by recognizing them and putting things right. It will save a ton of woes for yourself and your company.

Here is that list of 5 bad habits of a bad boss- let’s call him/ her BB for short.

Driver: Some bosses believe that they have to check continuously what the team is doing. Such a boss is sure to drive the people to the recruiting agency in search of a new job. While occasional tracking is good (and essential,) it is best to allow the team to do its work independently and responsibly.

Doubter: Suspicion and BB are twins. This kind of boss thinks that suggestions from team members have some hidden agenda. Evaluate recommendations based on merits- if you accept the suggestion give credit to the person. If you are not Okaying the recommendations, explain why it is not a good move.

Grabber: Speaking of handing out credit, some managers try to grab the entire credit for success. Give praise where it is due and encourage the people to do better.

Hoarder: It is typical of BB to give as little information as possible, without realizing that a clue less team performs poorly. Share enough information so that the people know why and what they are doing.

 Favorite player: BB thrives on the confident. One person out of the team gets all the importance, receives benefits and….This is a disaster because rest of the team loses motivation according to HR consultants the world over. Treating all the members equally makes you a leader instead of a mere manager.

These five are not that only poor ways to manage a team. The difference between a manager and leader is that a leader works with the entire and promotes employee engagement. That is a sure way to be a good boss.

We welcome you whether you are in a leadership position or a team member to share your experiences. We are one of the Best HR Consultancy and a top recruitment agency in Dubai. We will be happy to help you out with any issues.

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