Finding the right people for internships, apprentice programmes and entry-level jobs.

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Our HR Consultancy helps UAE Corporates to offer internships, apprentice programmes and hiring people for entry-level jobs. The programmes have potential to deliver valuable benefits but they need systematic and thoughtful planning. The emphasis is on ‘thoughtful’ since the programme involves shaping young persons’ career and indeed their life. Human Resource Professionals in our Recruitment agency wish to share a few thoughts regarding managing internships, apprentice schemes and hiring fresh graduates in the UAE.

Six advantages:

Interns, apprentices and entry-level employees provide very welcome advantages to you.

  1. You are doing a significant service to the society by giving the young generation a start,
  2. You get alternate insights into business as the youngster bring fresh perspectives with them,
  3. You build brand image as your products/ services acquire popularity,
  4. You will be building a valuable talent pool,
  5. You get a look-see at the prospective employees
  6. Skills of your managers/ employees get honed while they mentor the interns/ apprentices/ juniors

Finally, all these advantages flow in at minimal investment. To realise these benefits, it is essential to have a precise strategy in place.

Roadmap for internship/ apprentice programmes:

Two characteristic are common to entry-level employees, interns and apprentices. They have no work experience and no exposure to corporate lifestyle. They may not even know how to approach job placement agencies in Dubai or other Emirates. But, they bustle with new thoughts and a keenness to do things. Your internship policy should be designed to channel their enthusiasm to face and solve real-world challenges.

  • Identify organisational needs
  • Catalogue internal capabilities
  • Define objectives in terms of expected outcomes for your organisation and the interns/ apprentices
  • Take the managers/ co-workers into confidence and provide them mentoring skills,
  • Prepare informative Learning and Development (L&D) material (handbooks, audio-visual presentations etc.)
  • Co-opt external expertise for planning the course/ training and developing L&D material.

The crux of the process is “recruiting” the right candidates.

What are the Difficulties?

Given that the aspiring interns/ apprentices have little exposure to corporate culture, interviewing them requires lot of time, skill and patience.  Identifying potential candidates is possible only after screening a number of applicants.  Many organisations post internship opportunities on their websites and hope for the best. But, experience shows that such posts attract stray applicants or internal references. The companies end up with a namesake internship programme; incur cost and effort with no real benefit to either themselves or the young persons.

We can step in and help with candidate selection.

Human Capital Management Consultancy (HCMC):

As established Manpower consultancy service providers in Dubai, we attract applications from around the world. Many of the candidates are recent graduates and possess various educational qualifications and skills. More importantly, they are keen on putting time as interns/ apprentices in the UAE.

Our recruiters use a combination of strength-based and competency-based interviewing methodology, considered the ideal process for assessing nascent talent.  Additionally, we can provide customised L&D material and professional trainers to make your intern and apprenticeship programme a success. To learn more contact us.

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