The case of the mysterious resignations

The case of the mysterious resignations

“We should hire an HR Consultant. Don’t know why only good people seem to be leaving us.” The CEO’s comment was oozing satire. It set everyone squirming. Everyone was silently wondering – did the chief imply that only “bad people” were hanging on? No one dared to ask, of course. The black mood on the boss’s face was if anything, it was blacker today.

“Let’s pick one incident as a case study.” Reading out a name from a list of recent resignations, the CEO continued, “Any ideas why this guy left?” The denials began quickly. “I recommended him for regular hikes, sir.” The supervisor piped. The Manager became suddenly alert: was the remark just a panic reaction or….he couldn’t make up his mind, but hurriedly added, “I never pulled him up – in fact, I might have talked to him just on a few occasions.” The HR girl was smart, “we have always gone by the HOD’s recommendations, sir.” It went on.

HR Consultancy in Dubai called in by the CEO diagnosed why “good” people were leaving.

  • Supervisors think some periodic hikes are enough to retain their team members.
  • Managers think not “pulling up” an employee was a reward. Worse, they rarely engage people in their divisions in formal or informal discussions – they maintain “Managerial Level aloofness.”
  • HR’s approach is even more problematic: the one department that should be playing the key role in employee engagement and retention, has limited itself to “file pushing,” happily “going by the   HOD’s recommendations.”
  • In essence, there was no meaningful “connect” between the Management and the people.

The Remedies:

The HR consultant made the following recommendations.

  • The Management must take steps to communicate company’s objectives and build proactive participation of all the employees.
  • Implement Learning and Development programs for the supervisors and Managers- with focus on people management.
  • Considering that, people will remain only where they feel wanted; the company should improve and maintain a continuous interaction with the employees.
  • HR Policies should look beyond annual hikes – the strategy should focus on employee engagement.
  • Team Leaders to be trained to spot people who are likely to leave.
  • Psychometric tests to analyze capabilities and identify skill gaps. HR should design L&D programs in line with company’s business objectives.
  • Since some attrition inevitable, company to hire a Recruitment Agency that can fill the vacancies quickly.

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