5 things that reduce employee turnover.

Employee Turnover

More employees in the UAE are likely to change their jobs in the2018-20 according to HR Consultants and leading surveys. What does it hold for you as an employer? More than the time you spend in filling the vacancy (and the recruitment agency fee,) you are losing an experienced staff (may be to a competitor.) Until the new person starts pulling his weight, productivity suffers and employee morale goes down a notch.

Here five simple and yet effective proactive, preventive Human Performance Improvement actions you can take.

Prevent employee turnover:

Over 50% of employee turnover can easily be prevented as some companies discover at some point of time. And, it is never too late to start. Just revisit your HR management policies and administration and give it minor tweaks. You will be surprised what a great difference it will make. Changes need not always be centered round Rewards Management and increasing salaries. Initiate learning and development programs which correlate with results from Competency or Talent Analysis and Psychometric Testing. The employees gain job satisfaction which cements them to the organization or at least keeps them from leaving for frivolous reasons.

Remove irritants:

Bossy supervisors, discrimination and sexual harassment by team members or leadershipare three major reasons why people change their jobs. It is essential to have in place a robust grievance mechanism to address these issues and nip them in the bud. Leadership training and Learning and Development go a long way in creating a healthy ecosystem within the organization where people work together.

Adopt scientific recruiting strategy:

Studies show that Recruiting Agencieswho used automated candidate assessment provided workers with aptitude to stick than be on the lookout for other avenues. The computer algorithmis capable of scanning hundreds of resumes quickly and fit the right people with the right roles. Hiring services geared tothe best recruitment practices improve retention rates by as much as 15% to 20%. Some of the good hiring practices could include:

  • Involve HR Consultants as early in the process as possible
  • Plan the requirements and formulate job description closely,
  • Hiring Manager and Recruitment Consultant should work in tandem,
  • The process should be interactive and enable candidates to obtain relevant information,
  • Most importantly, ensure that the candidates who are not selected feel that they were treated badly. This will damage company’s image and hurt on the long run.

To learn more about hiring better candidates and improving retention levels, you are welcome to reach out to the best recruitment agency in Dubai.

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