Rewards Management

Are fat salaries enough to encourage people? Reward Management has the right answers.

Often, it is how you pay than how much you pay matters and a purpose designed Rewards Management enables you to derive better value for the money, time and efforts you put in to develop human resources. A well thought out strategy influences positive behaviours and attitudes and acts as a persuasive factor in motivating the talent to achieve the business goals.

There is one catch however. While the concept is easily understood, developing (and implementing,) certain areas need close examination.

10 Questions that need right answers:

While designing a comprehensive Reward Management, 10 important questions need clarity.

  1. Of the two systems, Strategic Reward or Total Reward, which fits your goals better?
  2. How effective is the employee value proposition in attracting talented achievers?
  3. Is what you pay is enough to retain the best talent?
  4. Are the rewards working to motivate the workforce at each level?
  5. Do employees perceive full value and are willing to do their best?
  6. Is your Reward mechanism fully compliant with employment laws?
  7. Does the compensation structure satisfy international and domestic accounting standards?
  8. How would the compensation expenses be treated under corporate income tax regime?
  9. How future proof is the current compensation structure?
  10. And crucially, are you paying more and carrying extra burden into accounts books?

When you are hiring niche talent or expats, these issues present additional importance. Consultants at our Human Capital Management Consultancy (HCMC) resolve the difficulties and develop an efficient reward management system.

Our Reward Management Solutions:

By planning the rewards structure scientifically, the employee value proposition can be made attractive while simultaneously ensuring that you are meeting industry standard without incurring avoidable costs.

Our consultation addresses these aspects through analytical benchmarking. We continuously track reward systems and structures prevailing in various business segments across the world. The knowledge base built through extensively researching industry wide best practices, global scenario, local employment laws, remunerating standard for specific skills and other inputs.

The knowledge and expertise of our consultants provides quick and accurate benchmarks for the various components including:

  • Base salary,
  • Variable pay
  • Merit pay,
  • Performance influencers (incentives for innovation, bonus for increasing sales, cost control)
  • Career advancement through promotions and grades,
  • Relocation and mobility assistance,
  • Indirect benefits e.g. health care, paid vacations, insurance, retirement benefits,
  • Recognition programmes,
  • Flexible working arrangements including flexible hours and telecommuting
  • Learning and development opportunities,

Most importantly, our consultants would design the right communication that drives the true value of the rewards to the employees. The solutions we present are performance enablers, capable of multiplying the ability by motivation.

  • Jagdish and his team were extremely helpful. Despite not having met before, Jagdish put me in total comfort of dealing with a soft-spoken, knowledgeable and professional senior executive, which I reckon, was the best that I have ever experienced till date. From making impeccable travel and stay arrangements to coordinating my interview with my current employer, everything was so well planned and executed without any hitch. I would highly recommend Jagdish and his team for professionals who are looking to move to Dubai for better opportunities.

    Balasubramaniam.C.R, Technical Architect - EFT & Banking Dept

    CNS ( Computer Network Systems)
  • Jagdish is an extremely knowledgeable and effective HR professional who is collaborative and supportive in his work style. He was a great addition to the HR Team given the breadth and depth of his knowledge in HR Policy and Recruitment. Jagdish was also a good team leader with a positive presence and knew how to get the most out of his staff. He would be an asset to any organization. Jagdish is a professional who truly cares about the quality of the work that he produces. He has a great personality, is a good negotiator and is extremely tech-savvy. He is a great team player who thrives on new challenges.

    Bistra Angelova, Regional HR Manager (MENA)

    Ex Staff - Orient Information Technology
  • We hired Jagdish's company (HCMC) to fill a few mission-critical positions for our company in the middle management. Aside from exploring candidates ourselves, we felt that a thorough professional like Jagdish can help us identify the right candidate/s for the company. We were not let down! Jagdish and his team handled our requirements very well and ensured that we hired really competent candidates for our company.

    Soma Sundaram, IT Manager

    Abudhabi Investment House
  • Jagdish established and implemented HR systems single handedly for us. He was the mover behind driving the organization's functions to the next level and the productivity increased noticeably. He was highly resourceful in hiring people with the best-fit skills and competence that met Business Excellence requirements. And, I cannot forget the way he designed and executed the employee award ceremony; it was a truly motivating initiative. 

    Somayajula Venkateswara Rao, Deputy Manager QA and Management Representative QHSE Management Systems

    Votorantim Cimentos
  • We wanted to hire a person for a niche position and wanted it done urgently. Jagdish came up with an excellent person and in time. Must appreciate the pretty fast track recruitment

    Ms. Saima Iqbal, Asst HR & Admin Manager

  • I am in IBM since more than 10 years. Jagdish's recruiting services was instrumental in my entry into this memorable company where I have enjoyed rapid growth in my career (I play a key role in IBM's operations in Middle East & Africa. Thanks again J.

    Shashi Punjabi, MEA CIO Infrastructure Service Delivery, IGA Manager for GMSR, Service Delivery Manager for Middle East & Africa

  • My professional association with Jagdish started in 2000, when I was with Emirates Airlines (IT Mercator) Division. He helped us to recruit a number of people. What struck me was his network amongst professionals in the UAE and multi domain knowledge, which proved to be a handy expertise in Executive search.

    Mr. Syed Arif Ismail, Chief Technology Officer

    Faifax Asia Limited, Malaysia
  • Jagdish is extremely knowledgeable and experience in Core HR Functions. I had an opportunity to engage him to provide expertise in many events.

    Mr. Prashant Dadahari Gite, Head - Human Resources, Anti Infective, India

    Sandoz Private Limited
  • I have known Jagdish since 1999 while he was with IT People. Jagdish frankly was a discovery as he proved greater than what he appeared to be or spoke about. Though those days he did not appear to be an out spoken guy, he proved his capabilities beyond the expectations of the team and the management. I still remember him as a sober chap, highly flexible, ready to sacrifice anything and everything to attain the task before him - he never complains about extended work times, late nights or setbacks due to client delays - He tuned with his team managers displaying high loyalty, dedication and cooperation as if he was silently saying in unsaid words that "I will run with you till we reach the destination together no matter what slows us down or no matter how high are the mountains that we need to climb till we reach there. “

    When I met him recently, I have realised that he has progressed much ahead in his career both in maturity and experience in the HR domain and I was extremely happy to understand his progress and success. I truly and sincerely wish Jagdish all the best in his new HR venture and I am positive that he is one of the few who will stand strong to fulfil his commitments and meet the needs of his clients to their utmost satisfaction. My advice to Jagdish is “To be yourself and to be original because there are only a few who can do as best as you without needing a put up personality”.

    Mathews Abraham Santosh, Regional Manager - Gulf

    IT People
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